As nurses and nurse practitioners, our learning is life-long! The followign courses are to help you in your journey to provide the best possible patient care!
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My Courses


  • Out now!
  • This digital course contains over 4 hours of video designed to take you as a novice to an expert at rhythm interpretation
  • Created specifically for nurses, focusing on clinical management and nursing considerations
  • Intended for bedside nurses who want to level up their ECG rhythm knowledge!


Affiliate Courses

These are courses that I haven’t created, but ones which I have seen or purchased firsthand and recommend to my viewers! I do recieve a small commission for these purchases but please know that I would never recommend a course that I didn’t beleive in!


Resumes and Interviews Course

  • If you’re a nursing student, new nurse, or an experienced nurse looking to land a new job – this course is for you.
  • Watch mock interviews and listen to us break down exactly why they were good, bad, or just “eh”.
  • It’ll take the guess work over what to wear, what to bring, when to apply, how much to include on your resume, and more.
  • Click Here for more info!

Cardiac Nurse Crash Course

  • Become comfortable with the cardiac system including cardiac labs and medical conditions
  • Receive in-depth information on various cardiac procedures including coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) and the important post-operative nursing care considerations both in the intensive care and nursing floor
  • Learn critical information related to managing cardiac emergencies which can arise such as STEMI/NSTEMI, Afib RVR, acute CHF exacerbation, Pulmonary Embolism, and so much more!
  • Click here for more info

New Nurse Master Class

  • What your future bosses will realistically expect from you as a newly licensed nurse
  • How to impress physicians and colleagues
  • How to confidently escalate care (RRT, codes, ICU transfers, etc)
  • How to give an amazing nursing report and sound like a pro
  • Useful skills such as time management, patient flow, expert communication, and documentation
  • Information on maintaining your licensure, CEUs, and professional development
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