What do you want to learn today?

I will be releasing my first official course this February!

This ECG course is specifically geared towards bedside nurses and nursing students!

What’s different about this course from others? It’s specifically for nurses!

This video course is designed to take you from knowing nothing about heart rhythms to being a super knowledgeable and competent nurse who can handle any arrhythmia!

After learning some underlying concepts like cardiac anatomy and conduction, we will dive into each rhythm and arrhythmia out there!

For each arrhythmia, we dive into the:

  • Etiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • P-QRS-T Features
  • ECG Rhythm Strip
  • Differentiation of the Rhythm
  • Clinical significance (i.e. What you need to do as the nurse!
  • More!

And we don’t stop at that. We also go over specific information that nurses NEED to know, like how to give Adenosine, a tutorial on cardioversion and defibrillation, a whole lecture on vagal maneuvers and how to perform them, and so much more!

This course is perfect for:

  • Student Nurses
  • Bedside nurses (LPNs, RNs)
  • Nurse Practitioners or PAs

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