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Procedures are an important part of nursing and medicine. This is where we actually get put our skills to the test and perform important, relieving, and sometimes life-saving maneuvers!

Nursing procedures and skills pretty much encompass any time you place your hands on the patient and complete a task.

Common nursing procedures include:

  • IV insertion and removal
  • Blood draws
  • Foley Insertion and remova
  • NG insertion and removal
  • CPR & Defibrillation
  • Transcutaneous Pacing

There are also many procedures nurses assist with, including:

How to start an IV: Feat
Advanced Physical Exam Maneuvers

Advanced Physical Exam Maneuvers

Performing these advanced physical exam maneuvers can help you recognize serious conditions in your patients. Use these signs to improve your physical assessment!

10 IV Insertion Tips for Nurses

10 IV Insertion Tips for Nurses

If you’re a nurse within the hospital, you must use IVs on the daily. However, IV insertion can be difficult and is a skill that takes time to develop. Use these 10 IV insertion Tips to improve your IV game!

5 Vital Sign Errors to Avoid

5 Vital Sign Errors to Avoid

There are many errors that novices and even some experts can make when taking vital signs, but these 5 errors will help any member of the medical team to provide accurate measurements.