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PDFs & Ebooks

The ECG Rhythm Guide for Nurses

A 190-page eBook designed to take you from knowing virtually nothing about ECG rhythm interpretation to being able to interpret and manage every type of arrhythmia. This was designed to accompany the ECG Rhythm Master video course.

$32 $23

The Code Cart Medication Guide

A Guide to the code cart medication drawer, outlining the 10 common medications given during codes and emergency situations to get you comfortable during a code!

$10 $7


A guide to recognizing ST elevation and depression, STEMI, an overview of the coronary vasculature, and various examples of STEMIs (inferior wall, lateral, etc).

$10 $7



This video course is designed to take you from knowing nothing about interpreting an ECG rhythm strip, to being able to identify and manage each and every type of arrhythmia!



New Nurse Master Class

This video course contains over 57 video modules from basic to advanced IV techniques to make you the next IV King or Queen!


New Nurse Master Class

This online nurse residency class will help you become a well-rounded new RN, and will set you up for success. You’ll learn useful skills like giving an amazing report, time management, patient flow, expert communication, documentation, and more!


New Nurse Master Class

This course will help you become comfortable with cardiac patients including cardiac labs, medical conditions, cardiac surgeries, and managing critical cardiac emergencies!